Malware: Past and Present
600.220.13 Winter 2013
Instructor: Sam Small, Ph.D.

Reading list (and calendar):
- [WORM] Worm: The First Digital World War
- [MARCH] Marching Off to Cyberwar
- [CYBER] Cyber Operations: The New Balance
- [MORRIS] The Internet Worm Incident
- [NIST] Guide to Malware Incident Prevention and Handling for Desktops and Laptops (Draft)
- [ZEUS] Zeus: King of the Bots
- [STUXNET] W32.Stuxnet Dossier
- [MILLER] The Legitimate Vulnerability Market: Inside the Secret World of 0-day Exploit Sales
- [PRUDENT] Prudent Practices for Designing Malware Experiments: Status Quo and Outlook

Lecture history:
Monday, January 7th
- Lecture topic: Introduction

Tuesday, January 8th
- Lecture topic: Malware taxonomy, cyberwarfare

Thursday, January 10th
- Lecture topic: Malware history through the Morris Worm
- Guest speaker: Richard Schaeffer

Monday, January 14th
- Lecture topic: Morris worm aftermath, organizational mitigation and response to malware, cybercrime
- Guest speaker: Charlie Miller, Ph.D.
- Links from class:
 (1) Kim Jong-il and me: how to build a cyber army to defeat the U.S.
 (2) TED: Fighting viruses, defending the net

Tuesday, January 15th
- Lecture topic: Antivirus software, firewalls, IDS and IPS, malware in the '90s
- Guest speaker: Stephen Bono

Thursday, January 17th
- Lecture topic: Famous malware of the '00s
- Guest speaker: Lucas Ballard, Ph.D.

Tuesday, January 22nd
- Field trip: Parrot Labs (KEYW Corporation)

Thursday, January 24th
- Lecture topic: Retrospective, malware in 2012 and beyond